Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finishing the new garden bed area

The last few days have been busy with finishing the new garden bed area by constructing the beds, nailing them together, getting chips from my neighbor, and adding the chips to the new walkways between the garden beds.  Tasks to be completed include fertilization of the beds, and adding compost.
Here are photos of the process:  The first photo is of me dumping the chip material on the walkway.
The next two photos are different views of the completed beds and paths. (Click to enlarge).

Saturday, January 26, 2013

2nd new garden bed; weeding Moss Terrace

Illijana spent the day weeding the section of our yard known as Moss Terrace (named for our friend Larry Moss).  It is a sloping section on the eastern edge of our property which we bordered two years ago with a used concrete wall.  You can read more about it here:  Moss Terrace.  It has been overgrown with weeds and plants growing wild.  Illijana did some weeding, cutting back on the overgrown plants, and moving some plants into more favorable locations.  There is still some transplanting of rhododendrons and azaleas to do tomorrow.  Here is a picture of the area with the transplants ready to go in.

I spent the late afternoon working on construction of the 2nd new garden bed in the former blueberry patch.  I laid out the recycled lumber, nailed it together trying to keep an interior dimension of about 41 inches.  The two photos show the completed bed and a bit of the construction detail.

We want to construct some steps down into the garden and a third bed by the back wall.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Moving blueberries, and new garden beds

We have been working in the garden between rainstorms.  The big project at the moment is moving the blueberry plants which were in the back of our garden to the front (west side) of the garden.  We are using the vacated space to build three garden beds out of old scrap lumber we have been saving for just this purpose.  (The lumber came from Pierson building supply and cost either nothing to about 50 cents apiece.)  I am nailing them together, and learning to use a skill saw in the process of fitting them together. (My wife is the teacher.)

Here are the blueberries after the transplant to the front of the garden:

This is the vacated area which we then weeded and dug up.

We then laid out the space for the new beds using the scrap lumber:
Finally, I constructed the first bed today, trying to keep a constant size across the bed:
I will try to finish the bed construction over the next few days.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Espalier pruning

It is time to prune our 15 tree apple and pear espalier.  Over the years I had let the top grow but this year decided to cut back the top to make a smoother edge.  We planted this assemblage of trees about 12 years ago.  It produces apples well and in fact we are still eating and cooking with some saved from last year.  Top photo is the "before pruning" picture.

Next photo is the "after pruning" picture.

The next photo shows me spraying the trimmed trees with a wettable sulfur spray (for fungal diseases).